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Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy or Sell Non-fungible Tokens [2022]

Are you in search of the best NFT marketplace where you can sell your NFTs? Or have you already used a marketplace for either selling or buying NFTs, but the results are not satisfactory? If so, you have come to the right place.

NFTs have taken the crypto world by storm, and their popularity is increasing day by day. So, you may earn a hefty amount by creating unique tokens. You will not find any saturation in this field as a lot of people are unaware of it.

We believe that selecting a marketplace with a good audience is one of the most crucial aspects of this business. If you have the skillset, appropriate knowledge, and the perfect marketplace, your chances of excelling in this field are strong.

So, to explore more about the NFT marketplaces, delve into the article.

Best NFT Marketplace: Overview

No matter how rare and unique tokens are, you are at a loss if you do not use a good marketplace for selling. So, having information regarding non-fungible token platforms is of immense worth.

In this article, along with the best NFT marketplaces, we will share details regarding how to choose NFT marketplaces. Additionally, some people have started this business, but the definition of NFT is still not clear to them.

So, we will describe it in simpler words. After reading the article, you will get to know where to buy NFT as well.

What Is the NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplace is a digital platform where you can sell and trade your non-fungible tokens. Also, some platforms allow you to create the NFTs.

In other words, we can say that the NFT marketplace is like any digital store where you sell and buy items, but the NFT marketplace does not have clothes, shoes, or eating items. Instead, they have collectibles, art, or sometimes real estate too.

What Are Non-fungible Tokens?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a piece of data collected on a digital ledger named blockchain. It is worth mentioning here that most of the time, this blockchain is Ethereum. Every NFT is unique and non-interchangeable.

Moreover, nobody can copy or paste the data of NFTs. By using NFTs, people usually tokenize their artwork, photos, music, etc.

Application of NFT Tokens

NFT tokens are used to show that you are the owner or holder of a unique thing. We have mentioned earlier that this thing can be your artwork, picture, song, or collectible.

In addition to that, there are finance, gaming, and real estate NFTs. So, you can earn a handsome amount by selling your NFTs.

List of Best NFT Marketplaces

If you want to enter the world of NFTs, you must collect information regarding the top NFT marketplaces. So, for your convenience, we have listed the best marketplaces, and you can choose one according to your preferences.

Moreover, owing to the ever-changing revolution in the digital world, changes are expected in the details.

Open Sea

The Open Sea is one of the best NFT platforms that launched in 2018. It has gained fame among the people rapidly, and now it has 1700+ subscribers. On the platform of Open Sea, you can create, buy and sell NFTs.

Additionally, another thing that makes Open Sea more popular is the interest of celebrities like Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, and Logan Paul on the Open Sea.


Rarible is another popular network for purchasing non-fungible tokens. This platform was developed in 2020 by Alexei Falin and Alex Salinkov. If you use this marketplace, you will not need to go for another cryptocurrency as they have their digital currency named RAARI.

Users of Rarible do not need any middle man as this platform functions as a distributed network. Moreover, it allows artists to designate their share as royalty to use it for secondary transactions.


SuperRare is an NFTs trading platform designed on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s why it permits its clients to trace and find out the complete history of their artwork.

If you are afraid that your work will get copied, it can be an ideal choice for you. Blockchain technology makes it more secure and helps in keeping your art away from the forgers.

Additionally, artists can utilize virtual reality and several other interactive features for the customization of profiles. So, after customizing, you can portray your NFTs to the buyers or customers.

This network goes a mile ahead and provides its customers the advantage of sharing a small part of their art rather than sharing a whole piece of art.


Foundation is another famous name in the world of NFTs trading. It is new in the market and launched in 2020, and a community runs it.

The primary purpose behind its development is to assist the artists in making their piece of art and portraying it to the audience. In this way, they can earn money by selling their work.

Moreover, the Foundation will make decisions about displaying your art. No matter if it should be on the homepage, newsletter, or any other web page.

If you are a Foundation user, you will get another benefit as they help their user in online bidding of their virtual artworks by hosting live auctions.

Atomic Market

The Atomic Market was developed in 2021, so we can say that it is comparatively new in the market. This network is undoubtedly a significant element of the Atomic Asset Hub.

Users of the Atomic Market do not need to upload their assets immediately. Once they listed their assets usually a trade offer is given to the marketplace. So, the offer will get accepted if the buyer purchases listed assets.

Nifty Gateway

2018 marked the launch of Nifty Gateway. It allows its users to invest in the form of crypto assets named nifties. You can use a credit card for transactions on the Nifty Gateway.

So, a credit card facility can make it easy to use Nifty Gateway, just like buying your clothes from an online platform with the assistance of a credit card.

In addition to this, you can place nifties wherever you want, and in this context, you have two options: the Nifty Gateway account and the second one is of Metamask wallet.

When it comes to purchasing crypto games like crypto-kitties, Nifty Gateway has gained immense popularity. Additionally, it has several renowned artists such as Jon Burgerman, Cey Adams, Trevor Jones, and Keny Scharf.

 Axie Infinity

We can consider Axie Infinity a digital game where users can fight battles and raise and gather animated creatures. By playing this game, users can have their kingdoms and farms; moreover, they can increase their power for collecting more Axies.

Gamers have the right to sell their lands and Axies whenever they want. However, the game got launched just a year back, but it became the number 1 Ethereum game. Not only this, but Axie Infinity has more than 1500 monthly active customers.

The most expensive Axie that has been sold till now is for 300 ETH. Owing to such a good number of users and popularity, the Axie Infinity is one of the best NFT marketplaces in 2021.


Aavegotchi is a well-known marketplace established on NFT technology in 2020. These platforms tend to work on a distinctive blend of decentralized finance Defi and NFTs thus, it allows its customers to get more returns and long-run profits.

Aavegotchi wants to bring drastic revolution in the world of blockchain gaming as it uses the Defi model, for instance:

  • Dynamic rarity
  • Collateral stakes
  • Rarity farming

This NFT marketplace mainly focuses on rarity, so the more rare the Aavegotchi token is, the higher its amount.


Decentraland is another online platform that wants to provide rights to the creators and artists of the NFTs. It gives its clients many digital collectibles like wearables, parcels, estates, and names.

Moreover, users can have their virtual lands and build any infrastructure on their piece of land. Assets owned by customers will be kept secured with the assistance of a small contract that is Ethereum-based.

That’s why we can say that Decentraland is one of the most credible and secure NFT marketplaces. You can go for this platform to enjoy its features.


MakersPlace is a digital platform where artists can sell and protect their work. Their main objective is to put an end to inequality in the digital world. That’s why they come up with a plan and demand a 15% share.

Furthermore, 10% of this share (15 percent) is given to the artists whenever their artwork is resold. So, it is quite a good percentage, and we think you should use this platform.

How To Choose the Best NFT Marketplace?

Choosing a marketplace that has the potential to fulfill your needs is of great importance. If you go for the marketplace that is just popular, then you may have to face a lot of complications, and most importantly, you will waste your precious time.

So, we recommend you do market research in-depth and then go for a marketplace that can prove beneficial for you. Hence, here check out the details regarding choosing the best marketplace.

Standard of Token

It would help if you kept in mind that there is not one token, but NFT exchanges utilize different tokens. The first token standard was ERC-721, and Ethereum introduced that.

Each of the NFT tokens is rare and unique and is not worth the same things. It is true that now there are various standard tokens available in the market, but the ERC-721 has retained its supremacy and popularity.

Choose the Type of NFT Marketplace Wisely

There are many variations in the NFT marketplaces, and you need to choose the most suitable one for you. For example, some marketplaces will charge mining costs, and some do not.

Moreover, some marketplaces accept all types of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some accept a few or just one. So, consider all these things before making your final decision.

Verification Process

Just like every other platform, NFT marketplaces have a lot of scammers as well. So, to avoid losses, you need to keep away from them.

For this reason, you need to do comprehensive research and select one that has an excellent verification process. By doing this, your work and data will remain safe and secure.


Fractionalization means that you can purchase a piece or snippet of an NFT rather than buying the whole. This concept plays an integral part in increasing the number of investors. In addition, it helps in making NFT more reachable.

Owing to all these benefits of fractionalization, we suggest you choose a platform that allows such a trade. It will surely aid in elevating your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will give comprehensive answers to some of your FAQs regarding NFTs marketplaces.

What are the NFT marketplaces?

One can define the NFT marketplaces as online platforms, just like Amazon and eBay. But NFT marketplace sells and buys NFTs (non-fungible tokens). On the flip side, eCommerce stores like Amazon do the same thing with goods.

How do I market my NFT?

You can market your NFTs by utilizing various means. Social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some powerful platforms with a large number of users,

So, by using them efficiently and accurately, you can grab the attention of a large number of clients. Additionally, go through various marketplaces and choose the most lucrative one.

How do I list NFT?

On each NFT marketplace, there is a different method of listing NFT. Here we will tell you the procedure of listing NFT on one of the most popular platforms, OpenSea.

  • On the top right of the page, there is an option “Sell” select it.
  • Select the types of auction, price, and some other preferences.
  • Once you have done all these, click on “Post your Listing.”

It is pertinent to mention here that firstly you have to see your wallet if you do not have any NFT, then first create it.

What makes a successful NFT?

Art is not a piece of cake; it is a pretty challenging task, so you have to do a lot of hard and consistent work to create an NFT that can become popular and successful. Furthermore, the usage of tools rightly may prove a game-winner

How do you increase NFT sales?

It would help if you found an NFT marketplace that has a large audience. It can help you in selling more NFTs. Moreover, use your social media handles as well for promoting.

In addition to this, you need to create unique NFTs that have the potential to grab the attention of customers.

How do I promote NFT Opensea?

You can promote NFTs by using the open Sea. Firstly, you need to open the official website of OpenSea. Secondly, you need to sign up.

After doing this, you can begin minting digital tokens. Finally, you have to reach the public-facing asset page and lastly click on Sell.

Final Thoughts

Well! That’s all about the best NFT marketplaces so far. We have given you insights into the best marketplaces that have gained popularity in such a short period.

Share your thoughts regarding NFTs in the comment section. Do you like this technology? Are you using any of the NFT marketplace mentioned above?