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So: after the excellent research, you are going to buy Bitcoin. But the central part is that do you know how to get a Bitcoin address? Is the private key important? Here in this article, we will explain about getting a Bitcoin address that will help you buy Bitcoin safely.

If you are interested in buying or selling Bitcoin, then the vital thing you need is the specific location to send and receive your funds. It is the same as the mailbox where you can receive and send your emails.

Remember one thing that we are talking about is the receiving and sending of Bitcoins but not the postcards. So, for your kind information, sending and receiving Bitcoin locations are present on the internet. And it is expressed with the help of numbers and letter series.

If we talk about the Bitcoin address, then it shows the destination of the Bitcoin payment. For example, if you want to send an email to a friend, you will need a friend’s email address.

Same as the email to send the Bitcoins to anyone; first, you have to send them to your Bitcoin address and then to the recipient’s Bitcoin address.

According to blockchain experts, it is best to create a new Bitcoin address whenever you want to send or receive payment. If you are creating a new Bitcoin address all the time, then it will increase your security. And it makes it harder for other people to find out where these funds come and go.

So, read the complete article to know about how to get a bitcoin address and many other things. All these things will be beneficial for you if you are thinking of buying or selling Bitcoin funds.

4 Possible Ways to Get Bitcoin Address

The first thing that is compulsory to get a Bitcoin address is a Bitcoin wallet you have to download. The Bitcoin wallet is software that provides you the opportunity to send and receive funds safely in the Bitcoin network.

With the help of a Bitcoin wallet, you can also store your private key, which is very important for your Bitcoin password. The best part of the Bitcoin wallet is that it always creates a new address when you send or receive a Bitcoin payment.

Into the Bitcoin wallet, by clicking the “Receiver” option, you can easily find your Bitcoin address. This option is present on the bottom toolbar in your Bitcoin Wallet. For your kind information, the Bitcoin address will be a long series of numbers and letters.

how to get a Bitcoin address

How to get a bitcoin address? So, the main answer to this question is that there are four possible ways. With the help of all these ways, you can quickly get a Bitcoin address. All these ways are:

·         Mobile Wallets

·         Desktop Wallets

·         Hardware Wallets

·         Web Wallets

Mobile Wallets

The functions of mobile wallets and desktop wallets are almost the same. Now we will tell you about Mobile wallets, and it makes it very easy to send and receive payments with the help of scanning QR codes and the touch-to-pay.

The primary and best examples of mobile wallets are Hive Android, Bitcoin Wallet, and the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet. The best part of Bitcoin wallets is it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

But the thing that you have to note is that there are too many Bitcoin wallets that contain some virus or malware. So, we recommend you research before selecting a Bitcoin wallet.

If you don’t have time to research, then don’t worry, because, in this article, we will also tell you the best apps for a mobile wallet you can use. All these apps are trusted and come with too many features and qualities.

Desktop Wallets

According to its name, it is evident that you can install desktop wallets only on your computer or laptop. If we talk about the use and the function, it will provide the Bitcoin address to send or receive the Bitcoin funds. Other than this, it gives the user complete control of their wallet.

Same as the mobile wallets, it also allows you to store the private key; the best desktop wallets you can use are Armory, Bitcoin core, and many more.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are considered the most secure type of Bitcoin wallets. This is because it stores your Bitcoin physically; you can plug it into your computer or laptop with the help of a USB port.

The hardware wallet is secure and safe from all types of viruses and malware, but some cases of Bitcoin theft have also been disclosed. But the main thing is that the hardware wallets are not free; you have to pay $100 to $200.

Web Wallets

The other possible way to get a Bitcoin address is a web wallet. It lets you handle Bitcoin funds from anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device or browser.

This feature makes it more convenient and the best Bitcoin wallet. But the thing is that you have to be careful when selecting a web wallet because it stores private keys online. The best example of web wallets is Blockchain, Coinbase, and many others.

How To Get A Bitcoin Address?

All the possible ways to get a Bitcoin address are given below:

Mobile Wallets

As we already mentioned, mobile wallets are best because nowadays, the ratio of mobile users is high. But it stores the private key then; in this situation, if anyone has your phone’s access, he can easily send your Bitcoin funds to other addresses.

To avoid the security issue, we recommend using a fingerprint to open the mobile wallet application.

How to get Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Address?

All these steps are the answer to your main question, how to get my Bitcoin address:

·         First, you have to open the Bitcoin mobile wallet app.

·         Now click on the receive option.

·         Select the wallet that you want to receive.

·         Now, the wallet that you select will automatically generate the Bitcoin address.

·         Provide this Bitcoin address to that person who is going to send you Bitcoin.

Best Apps for Wallet

All the best wallet apps include:

1.      Bitcoin Wallet (Android)

2.      BRD (IOS & Android)

3.      Bitpie (IOS & Android)

4.      ArcBit (IOS & Android)

5.      Bither (Android)

Desktop Wallets

It is software that you have to install on your laptop or computer. The desktop wallet is safer than the mobile wallet, but some prominent hackers can also find vulnerabilities in wallet security and steal your Bitcoin. So you have to select a wallet that encrypts the account recovery phase and private key.

How to get Bitcoin Desktop Wallet Address?

The process to get a Bitcoin address on the desktop wallet is the same as the mobile wallet, and you have to follow all the steps given above. First, you have to open the wallet and then click on the Receive button; the wallet will automatically generate a new address.

Best Apps for Wallet

There are too many desktop wallets are present, but some best apps for desktop wallet includes:

1.      ArcBit

2.      Bither

3.      Bitcoin Core

4.      Bitcoin Unlimited

5.      Bitcoin XT

6.      Electron Cash

7.      Electrum

8.      Exodus

Web Wallets

If we talk about web wallets, then these are the same as mobile wallets in every aspect. This means, like the mobile wallets, if any person knows your details, he can send Bitcoin funds to another address.

If someone knows your email details, phone number, and birthday, then he can call the network provider and ask them to change your phone number.

After this, with the help of an email address, he can forget the password, and with the help of a new phone number, he can easily change your email password.

With the help of this process, anyone can access your Bitcoin wallet and send Bitcoin funds to another address.

So, the solution to this problem is to ask your network provider to send a passcode before shifting a phone number. In this, no one can steal your Bitcoin funds.       

How to get Bitcoin Web Wallet Address?

As we already mentioned that it is the same as the mobile wallet, so in this way, you have to use the same process as a mobile wallet to get the bitcoin address.

Best Apps for Wallet

With the help of the wallet provider’s website, you can sign up for a wallet; list of best wallet provider’s website includes:

1.      BTC

2.      Blockchain

3.      CoinBase

4.      BitGo

5.      Coin.Space

Hardware Wallets

It is the same as the external hard drives; basically, hardware wallets are offline external devices. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin, you have to connect it with your computer or laptop with a USB port. 

If you want the most secure Bitcoin wallet, then it is the best option for you. Because hardware wallets always provide complete security to your funds from hackers.

How to get Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Address?

How to get a Bitcoin address? The answer to this question is that getting the Bitcoin address is the same as the mobile wallet process.

Best Apps for Wallet

The best and safe hardware wallets include:

1.      Ledger Nano S

2.      Trezor

3.      CoolWallet S

4.      BitBox

5.      KeepKey

Bitcoin Address Example

A Bitcoin address always contains 26 to 35 characters. All these characters are the mixer of numbers and letters like 1,3 and bc1.

Nowadays, there are three types of Bitcoin addresses. Examples of them are given below.

The first format of the Bitcoin address begins with the number 1.



The second format of Bitcoin address starts with the number 3



The third format of Bitcoin address starts with the bc1



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Get a Bitcoin Address in Mobile, Web, Desktop, or Hardware Wallets?

You can get your Bitcoin address from the Bitcoin wallet with the help of the receive button. When you click on the receive button, the Bitcoin wallet will automatically generate a new Bitcoin address.

2. How do I create a Bitcoin address?

·         First, you have to open your Bitcoin wallet.

·         Now select the wallet that you want to receive.

·         After this wallet will automatically create a new address.

·         Provide this address to anyone to receive Bitcoin funds.

3. How do I create a Bitcoin withdrawal address?

·         Go to the settings of your profile and tap on the withdrawal addresses.

·         Now click on the button named Add new address.

·         After this, select the currency.

·         Now, you have to enter the withdrawal address, and then you have to give this address a unique name for identification.

·         For some security reasons, check your email address for the verification code.

4. What is a Bitcoin address?

It shows the destination of your Bitcoin payment, the same as the email address. It would help if you always had a Bitcoin address to send and receive Bitcoin payment.

5. How do I get a permanent Bitcoin address?

According to the experts, you always have to generate a new address every time. All the addresses are permanent until you keep the private key safe and secure.

Final Words

We all know that the address is the most important thing you always need in buying and sending Bitcoin funds. Hopefully, after reading the complete article, you have understood how to get a Bitcoin wallet address? And yes, don’t confuse it with the Bitcoin transaction ID, which you get upon every transaction.