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Does Etrade Have Crypto? A Detailed Review of Etrade

We’re living in a century where everyone wants to earn a fair amount of money. It’s good as we all have the right to own the things we love, whether a car, house, or anything. That’s why most people look for ways like trading platforms that are the apple of investors’ eyes.

Trading is one of the best ways to earn huge profits with little earnings. The only thing you need is knowledge and strategy. If you have both of these things and still are not using platforms like Etrade, you’re betting on the wrong horse.

Well, does Etrade have crypto? The simplest answer is; it has crypto futures contracts; you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other things. So, if you want to know more about it, scroll the page and check out our detailed guide about the Etrade platform.

What Is Etrade: Overview

etrade have crypto

Etrade is a trading platform famous worldwide due to its ease-of-use feature. Etrade, a financial corporation, was founded in 1982 in the United States. It is now a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, an international investment bank based in America.

According to the news, Etrade has more than 5.2 million accounts on its platform that holds $360 billion in assets. It’s undoubtedly among the best ways to trade as it offers stocks, crypto, and mutual fund trading. The best part about the platform is it’s easy to use, even for beginners.

In short, you can invest your money by trading and earn profit easily. Etrade offers two platforms for trading for mobile users, and web users can use both. The name of the first platform is Power Etrade, while the other one is Etrade web. 

How Does Etrade Work?

After knowing the popularity and the number of accounts, you might wonder how Etrade works? Well, it is a natural thing that everyone needs clarity and security. So the brief answer is, that Etrade is a trading platform. Etrade offers two web platforms and mobile apps. 

With these platforms, you can invest in:

  1. Stocks
  2. Bonds
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. ETFs
  5. Penny Stocks
  6. Crypto Future

To invest in Etrade, you need to make an account; you can create an account you want among brokerage, retirement, and many more. Therefore, fill out the application form; once it gets accepted, fund your account and start trading.

Etrade Services

Hesitating because you don’t know many things about the Etrade platform, don’t worry. Fear of wasting money is normal; you’re not the only one who thinks like this. That’s why we’ve done in-depth research about the platform.

It offers various services and is trusted by millions of traders worldwide. So let’s look at a brief review of the company’s services.

Etrade provides a range of investment opportunities through its platform. Like any trading platform, it allows investors to trade and monitor their accounts. It also offers technical analysis, market data, news, quotes, and drawing tools along with trading services.

Etrade Features

Etrade is one of the most famous trading platforms worldwide, particularly in the United States. It proffers a lot of features that attract investors and traders. You can invest, trade, and monitor your investment without worrying about anything.

Below you can see the prominent features of Etrade that will help you in understanding the platform.

Etrade Security Research

One thing that can help you gain high profit in the trading world is the knowledge and strategy of research. That’s the first main feature of Etrade; it provides several reports and tools that help in research.

You can find reliable research reports from famous resources like Thomson Reuters and others. It allows its users to utilize the broker’s analytical tools that are easy and can help you a lot. It is the most suitable trading platform for beginners as they can learn and trade simultaneously. 

Etrade Trading Fees

The biggest reason people don’t invest or don’t want to invest in platforms’ fees. If someone is a beginner and thinking of investing, the first thing he will likely want is to secure the money as much as he can.

With Etrade, you can save a joining fee, which is good, particularly if you’re a beginner. However, it charges for other things, which you can see below, and decide.

  • Etrade is free to access and charges 0% commission on standard stocks and Etf trading.
  • The price of the option contract is $0.65.
  • The penny stock fee is $6.95, and the futures per contract is $1.50.
  • The trading fee of the mutual fund is $19.99, and the broker-assisted trade fee is $25. 


Another prominent reason for Etrade’s popularity is the ease-of-use feature. The platform is not only for experts but also for intermediate and beginner level traders. They developed the platforms Etrade web or Power Etrade so that anyone can use them efficiently. 

You can manage your account, do trading, monitor your investment, and get quotes, news, technical analysis, and reports from trustworthy sources. The good thing is these apps are available for both android and iOS versions. 

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main reasons for the company’s success. No organization, brand, or company can succeed without the support of loyal customers. Due to this reason, all companies try their best to provide excellent customer service.

The same goes for Etrade; their customer service is another feature that makes it attractive to investors. If you’re a trader and like Etrade, there’s a piece of good news for you. You can contact their customer support team 24/7 through email, phone, or chat.

Can You Buy Crypto On Etrade?

Crypto trading is a hot topic globally; the reason lies in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Everyone wants to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and crypto trading.

Though all of these domains are difficult, people move towards them. Passion and chances of getting massive profit through investment make them popular. Many Etrade account holders also ask about whether Etrade has crypto or not.

If you’re also one of those people, then there’s a piece of bad news. No, you can’t trade cryptocurrencies through Etrade. The platform doesn’t support crypto trading, so you’re out of luck. However, you can invest in crypto-oriented companies.

Moreover, Etrade also allows you to trade crypto futures. In addition to that, there’s no way to invest in crypto using Etrade. 

Crypto Futures Trading on Etrade

Heave a sigh of relief, If the question “What is crypto futures trade?” is ringing the bell in your mind. Below we’ll explain crypto futures trading and how you can do it. So, the first thing is, that crypto futures trading doesn’t mean you’re holding cryptocurrency. 

It means you can gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without holding or owning cryptocurrency. In simple words, the Crypto Future Contract of Etrade means the value of a particular cryptocurrency.

You can buy or sell these contracts but can’t invest or trade cryptocurrencies. After purchasing crypto futures trading contracts, you can sell them at a future date, and that’s how crypto futures trading works on Etrade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy crypto on Etrade?

No, you can’t buy any cryptocurrency on Etrade. You can trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds, penny stocks, and many other things, but crypto is not supported. However, you can purchase crypto futures contracts and sell them on Etrade.

Can I buy Bitcoin on Etrade?

Bitcoin is the first and one of the most famous crypto coins. The bad thing is you’re out of luck as you can’t purchase bitcoin on Etrade. Etrade allows investors to trade with stocks, funds, Etf, penny stocks, etc. but not with bitcoin or any other crypto. However, you can purchase or sell crypto futures contracts on Etrade.

Which trading app is best for crypto?

There are a lot of platforms that are famous for crypto trading, like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Robinhood, and many others. You can choose whichever you think is best. After all, each of them has different features. But if you want to go for crypto futures contracts, then Etrade is best. 

Conclusion – Does Etrade Have Crypto

There’s no doubt that trading can become a good way to earn high-profit. That’s the biggest reason why people go for it. We know that finding the best platform is not as it seems. After all, there are countless trading platforms in the market, and Etrade is one of the best of them.

It offers a lot of features and different opportunities for trading investment. Therefore, you can choose it without any worry; keep in mind that it doesn’t offer crypto trading, but Etrade is safe for crypto futures contracts.

In the end, we hope you’ve understood the answer to the question of “does Etrade have crypto” and enjoyed our article. For crypto investors, platforms like Coinbase, BlockFi, and Gemini are the best.

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