How to Mine Bitcoin on Android How to Mine Bitcoin on Android

How to Mine Bitcoin on Android? Best Apps [2022]

How to mine bitcoin on android” is one of the widely searched terms after the bitcoin price hike in the ongoing year. We know that not everyone is rich enough to build high-end computers to start mining from their homes and doesn’t have enough energy resources for mining.

So, people are looking for alternative ways to mine bitcoin from their homes without strenuous efforts. Here comes the need for android devices for bitcoin mining. We know that android is one of the most widely used smartphones globally. So, mining from it is typically more accessible than that of other OS mining.

If you are also looking for ways to mine bitcoin on android phones, this article is a perfect fit for you. We are going to discuss some best practices that will help you in mining bitcoin from your phone. All you need to do is to read this article thoroughly and then implement the below-mentioned ways.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Android: Overview

Mining cryptocurrencies from your android device is somehow possible now. Yes, you can earn a handsome amount from your android smartphones by doing nothing. So, why not take advantage of it while sleeping? I am sure your answer will also be a big “YES.”

For mining cryptocurrencies, multiple apps in the market are providing mining features for the end-users. It would help if you learned the basic functionality of these apps to make money. Today in this article, we are going to present some best bitcoin mining software for android.

So, if you are also interested in earning a handsome amount of bitcoin from your android device, you need to stay tuned with our content. Apart from mining apps, we will also discuss the types of android bitcoin mining in our article.

Crypto Mobile Mining – Does It Work?

“Is Crypto Mobile Mining possible?” is one of the most widely searched terms worldwide from last year and a half. Most people who don’t know the mechanism of mining say that it isn’t possible. But those who know the art of mining consider it an achievable task.

So, the answer to this question is “Yes.” Now bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrency mining are possible with the help of your android device. If you were thinking of keeping yourself away from it in the past, then this time is no more. Now, it is also becoming legal.

However, mobile mining isn’t profitable when it comes to the short term. But it will give you long-term benefits. It would be best if you did regular mining for validating blockchain transactions. Therefore, it isn’t a one-day or a week task, and you need to keep mining for long terms to earn a handsome profit.

Crypto mining is becoming an industrial activity nowadays. Multiple software is coming into the market that is multiplying the profits of the miners. They are using ASIC devices to give birth to pool mining. As a result, they generate more computing power and earn significant profits.

The same is the case with the mobile bitcoin mining mechanism, but it is small. So, it is better to join the mining pool on your android smartphone. With this, you will be using mobile computing power and mining bitcoin in the presence of a network.

What Is A Crypto Mining Rig?

A Crypto Mining rig is a computer network containing numerous graphic cards, CPUs, GPUs, motherboard, storage, and RAM. Having all the essential elements of a powerful GPU and CPU, this kind of computer network is one of the most effective types of mining.

When it comes to mining, the GPUs do all the hard work instead of the traditional CPUs. Therefore, you need to go with a significant number of GPUs in a crypto mining rig. On the other hand, if you want to save money, you can use traditional systems with enhanced GPUs.

There are some things that you need to consider before buying or building a rig for mining. Have a look at the below points mentioned.

  • You can’t get a mining rig at a low price.
  • Power consumption will be at its high peak.
  • It is not like building a regular or traditional pc.
  • Have patience when it comes to drivers and other settings.

So, if you build a cryptocurrency rig, a high-end computing system for crypto mining, you need to be sure of the results. It is a high-end investment corner.

How to Mine Bitcoin On Android: Methods

How to mine bitcoin on android

There are two possible types of mining bitcoin from android devices. We are going to put light on both of them. You can also make money by shortening bitcoin, but using apps is a direct method.

Android Solo Mining

The popularity of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world is increasing rapidly. Therefore, more users are mining it. It decreases its mining rate. That is why it is now hard to mine bitcoin with the help of android devices in the world.

According to a research paper, the address of each bitcoin nowadays has become 64-bit with public and private keys. Almost 21 million bitcoins are now present in the world. Therefore, if you go with android solo minings, you can mine a little BTC in a few months.

Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

With advanced technology, the existence of crypto mining groups hosted on the servers is increasing rapidly. In this method, everyone interested in mining takes part in a group & shares their resources. It increases the profit of each member and minimizes their resources.

Whenever a successful transaction occurs, each member in a group gets a profit. That profit is always more than solo mining. The yield also depends on the amount of crypto power they contributed to the group.

Joining a group is always an easier task than going with solo android mining. There are few authentic bitcoin mining software for android available in the market. But before joining any app, you need to consider the pool size, computing power, and other terms and conditions.

Popular Apps to Mine Cryptocurrency On a Smartphone

There are numerous apps for mining bitcoin in the market. But not all of them are authentic. The fake ones will use the computing power of your android devices, but in return, they will give you nothing. Therefore, it is essential to know the authenticity before joining any mining app.

Here in this section, we present the two most authentic bitcoin android apps that have made their name in the past. They are the credible ones with millions of users. So, after reading their introduction, you can also join them and start mining bitcoin with your Android device.


MineGate is one of the most authentic bitcoin mining android apps available in the market, and people are using it to mine bitcoin and Monero. 

Apart from the mining, this app also provides a safe and secure wallet. You can store your mined cryptocurrency in your wallet and can transfer it without any hassle. Apart from the mining, it also provides 24/7 support on its platform and community.

Initially having few daily miners, this app now has over 3M users. It justifies their authenticity. So, if you also want to mine bitcoin and other altcoins, you can start mining now. It is the best app for bitcoin mining in 2022.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner app also comes in the best android apps for mining bitcoin. With a user-friendly interface, the bitcoin miner has thousands of positive reviews in the android mining industry. Apart from its name, you can also mine other altcoins.

Likewise MinerGate, it also allows the users to contribute their mobile computing power in a group. You can earn a profit according to your shared resources. So, it is also the best option to mine bitcoin and other altcoins by sitting on your chair.


So, if you were looking for ways of “how to mine bitcoin on android,” then following the apps mentioned above will fulfill your needs. Apart from these apps, there are tons of other apps. Before using them, you need to check their authenticity.