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Using Doji Candlestick Patterns For Crypto Trading In Effective Manner [2022]

The Doji candlestick is also known as the Doji candle. In the trading market, the Doji candle pattern is considered the best and unique formation. Please read the complete article to learn more about it and the best way to trade Crypto with the help of a Doji candlestick.

Doji Candle: Overview

The other name of the Doji candlestick is Doji star. It is the well-known candle that shows you indecision in the forex world. It means that both bulls and the bears are not in control. But the thing is that this candle comes with various variations, and all these don’t show indecision.

So, it is essential for you to know about the Doji candle pattern, what it is, and the primary purpose of these candles in the forex world. This post will focus on details related to the Doji candles. Keep reading the article, and you will find the answers to all your questions.

What Is A Doji?

So, what is the Doji candle meaning in trading? Let me explain it to you; it is the form that appears when the opening and closing price of the market is the same. The Doji candlestick comes with various variations like the Gravestone Doji, Long-legged Doji, and Common Doji.

In the Doji candlestick, there are two types of lines present, first, is the vertical line called wick, and the other horizontal line is called body. The top side of the wick shows the high price, and the bottom will show the low price.

Other than this, the body will show the main difference between the market opening and closing price. Remember that the body of the candlestick varies in length.

When the market opens, the traders push the market price up, but as a result, the bearish traders are not willing to accept the price and again push the price down.

At this time, the Doji candlestick is set up. Besides this, it might be possible that the traders try their best to push the price low. As a result of this, bull traders try to push the price up.

What Does A Doji Tell You?

The Doji candle pattern informs the traders that both the sellers and the buyers are gaining nothing. It is the neutrality sign, and most traders believe that the Doji candlestick tells about the changes in the upcoming price. But it is not the reality all the time.

But remember one thing: the Doji candle doesn’t give you the complete information, and because of it, you can’t decide. Before taking action on the pattern base, you should check out the other indicators and patterns. In this way, you can easily do risk-free trading.

What Is the Difference Between A Doji and A Spinning Top?

In my opinion, there is no difference between the Doji candlestick and the spinning top. According to different traders, both are almost the same. The Doji candlestick pattern shows indecision. In contrast, the spinning top shows greater indecision.

The main difference between these is present in the body like the Doji candle appears when the opening and closing price is the same. But the spinning top appears when there is a big difference between the opening and closing price.

If you spot both isolations, you should also consider the other indicators like Bollinger Bands and others.

Limitations of A Doji

The Doji candlestick is considered the neutral indicator that shows you a little information about the opening and closing price. Keep in mind that this tool is not the best one to check the price. It is because it doesn’t guarantee that the price will continue in the scheduled direction.

The length of the Doji candlestick wick becomes double because of the candle confirmation size. It means the starting point for the trading is far away from the stop-loss point. So, if you are a trader, you must have to discover another location to stop loss.

It isn’t easy to guess the reward with the help of Doji candlestick because this system doesn’t provide you with the complete information to make a decision. It will help if you have other indicators with Doji candlestick patterns to trade safely with the Doji candle.

How to Trade Crypto With the Doji Candlestick

In the market, you will find too many methods to trade Crypto with the help of Doji candles. So, for every trader, it is vital to select the risk-free procedure. Below we will discuss the different methods that are famous for trading.

Trading With the Doji Star Pattern

In too many charts, you will see that the Doji candlestick is formed at the bottom side. It means the Doji is showing you that both the buyer and seller are not in control. It means that the trend may reverse. Traders need to find the supporting signals.

Using the Dragonfly Doji In Trend Trading

The Dragonfly Doji system occurs on the ETFs, stocks price chart, and market indexes all the time. The main motive of the formation of dragonfly Doji is to show the potential reversal of the trending price.

Like if the dragonfly Doji appears at the time when the market price is going down, then it means after the dragonfly Doji’s appearance, the market price will go high. The Dragonfly Doji strategy shows indecision but is related to the future price movement.

The traders in the market who always follow the price chart analysis keep an eye on the dragonfly Doji candlesticks. The primary motive of the dragonfly formation is to use it and make a decision related to the future movement.

Double Doji Strategy

The single Doji candlestick is the best sign of indecision, but the main thing is that the double Doji candlestick is the greater sign of indecision. Generally, it results in high breakouts. The double Doji strategy takes the benefits of the high directional move.

The traders must wait for the market to move to the lower or higher point, especially after the double Doji strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section of the article will answer some FAQs to make your mind clear.

What does a Doji candle indicate?

The Doji candlestick pattern shows indecision among the sellers and buyers. That’s the Doji candlestick considered as the best signal for trading. Generally, it comes with various variations.

What is Doji Crypto?

The Doji candles are also known as the Doji star. It indicates indecision among the bears and bulls of crypto trading. The Doji crypto appears when the open, close, high, and low prices are equal.

What do the candles mean in Crypto?

The primary meaning of the candle in Crypto is to show the market’s price in the given time. These candles in Crypto appear at the time of market opening and closing time.

Do candlestick patterns work on Crypto?

Yes, the candlesticks chart works on Crypto; it is because of the understandable nature of candlestick. The central concept comes from the rice trade in Japan, and this system is updated throughout the whole year.

What is a Doji candle pattern?

In Japanese, the meaning of the Doji candlestick is the mistake that refers to the same opening and closing price. Which means it appears when the opening and closing price are virtually the same.


The Doji candle pattern is an old system, and till now, too many traders use this system. In the 17th century, after this, the use of Doji candlestick was increased.

But the main thing for you is to know that this system is not accurate. So, it would help if you also consider other indicators.

You are here, which means now you know everything about the Doji candlestick. If you want to tell or ask us something, let us know in the comment section.